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My Beginnings & I'm A Little Frostie (2nd Edition)

"My Beginnings: A Very Special Story" will probably be most appropriate and entertaining to the young Child. The story is about a couple who
badly wants a child and must use IVF to conceive. It is full of cartoon type illustrations which will capture your young child's attention, and the narrator is excellent.' `The second book "I'm a Little Frostie" is also easy
to read and full of colour pictures. It's about a child conceived from a frozen embryo which was thawed, transferred and successfully resulted
in a birth. It is probably more appropriate for a slightly older child. I liked the second book better but when I tested it on my daughter of 3 years, she much preferred the former. For the illiterate child there is no problem.'

[Reviewed in the ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) News, Volume 32 Issue # 3 Fall 1998]


My Beginnings (3rd Edition)

Resource Centre ISBN: 873663 03 X

This updated book for children can be assembled in different ways to cover different circumstances.
These include conception by IVF, IVF with ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) IVF with donor sperm, IVF with donor eggs, donor insemination, donor embryos and frozen embryo transfers.

It tells the story of a couple who lead busy but unfulfilled lives prior to the birth of their child by assisted conception. It is well illustrated with colour pictures throughout, and contains pictures of egg and sperm cells and photographs of early human embryos. There are spaces to allow you to personalise the book with photographs and scan pictures. The majority of the language is geared towards younger children and is very coy about how most babies are made, but some of the information about cell function may be understood better and be of greater interest to slightly older children.

The latest edition of the book is supplied with a CD rom with additional information for older children, including
the story "Iˆm a little Frostie" about frozen embryos. The book remains a valuable and versatile resource,
especially for families with children created by embryo donation, for whom there are few other suitable books available.

In A Dish, Graphic from 'A Child is Born' by lennart Nilsson & Lars Hamberger, Delacourt Press 2003, with permissionIVF, In vitro fertilization and embryo transferMy Begnnings: A Very Special Story