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Beginnings, A Very Special Story
Beginnings, Children of IVF

My Beginnings & the CD-ROM are published by
The IFC Resource Centre.
Beginnings, published by The IFC Resource Centre, Publisher of Children's Books in IVF

44 Eversden Road, Harlton, Cambridge CB3 7ET, UK 
   Tel:  44(0)1223 262226   Mobile: 07845 950 448

The IFC Resource Centre arose out of 25 years experience in counselling in major
clinics in the UK and out of close contacts with Fertility Centres throughout the world.. It seeks to provide clear information on all aspects of infertility using graphics, sound, videos and animations.

It has created multimedia CD-ROMs for several fertility centres for use as patient information or to accompany promotional literature.

The supporting series of CD-ROMs provide valuable additional information from acknowledged experts form around the world.

In A Dish, Graphic from 'A Child is Born' by lennart Nilsson & Lars Hamberger, Delacourt Press 2003, with permissionIVF, In vitro fertilization and embryo transferMy Beginnings A Very Special Story