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Beginnings, Story for IVF Children
Beginnings, children of IVF

My Beginnings - The Multimedia CD-ROM .... SCROLL DOWN
ISBN 1 873663 04 8

Beginnings - CD-ROM with the story

The multimedia CD ROM which accompanies the book allows the user to explore aspects of Assisted Reproductive Medicine relevant to the treatments covered in the seven variations within the "MY Beginnings" package. It is a valuable resource which can be used by patients undergoing treatment, parents who wish to prepare themselves for reading the story to their children or the older child who might want to explore the way in which Assisted Reproductive Medicine as they grow up.

See a sample page from the CD-Rom

The CD-ROM contains graphics, animations and videos (with appropriate commentaries) covering IVF (egg collection, embryology etc), ICSI (microinjection of sperm), PIGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and screening), Cryopreservation (embryos, eggs and sperm), and will include discussions with experts from around the world. It will therefore provide a resource which can be used in many different ways. Assisted Reproductive Technology is continually developing. The CD-ROM will be continually updated.

No direct mention of donor assisted treatments is mentioned on the CD-ROM. But the CD does contain an extensive illustrated glossary. Terms defined on the CD might therefore prompt questions and parents should be prepared in their answers. A customized version of the CD-Rom will be available to those parents who wish to include the name of the child/children in the story and/or substitute one of the variations.

The CD-ROM will be updated as new material becomes available. The author is happy to consider additions to the CD-ROM - please e-mail Tim Appleton.

In A Dish, Graphic from'A Child is Born' by Lennart Nilsson and Lars Hamberger, Delacourt Press 2002, with permission.IVF, In vitro fertilization and embryo transferMy Beginnings, A Very Special Story