My Beginnings, The Children

Tim Appleton, Author of My Beginnings and I'm A Little FrostieTim Appleton has two doctorates in Cell Biology. He taught cell biology and medical ethics to medical students for over 20 years at Cambridge University. In 1974 he was ordained an Anglican Priest and was invited by Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards to become a founding member of the Ethics Committee of Bourn Hall Clinic - the worlds first IVF clinic. Since 1982 he has been heavily involved with patient counselling and since 1988 has worked as an independent fertility counsellor. He has written two children's books to help parents, who had children born as a result of Assisted Reproductive Medicine,  tell their children about the miracle of their conception and birth. The author suggests that these happy stories be told to children at a
very early age - between 3 and 6 years old. He has written over 100 scientific papers in his field of cell biology and counselling, and has produced several multi-media CD-Roms on "Assisted Reproductive Medicine" to help people understand this new and exciting field of medicine.

This is the third edition of the story. It has been updated to take into account recent advances in IVF technology and includes new art work and graphics and is supplemented with a CD-Rom.  The CD-Rom includes the story "I'm a Little Frostie" - a story about a frozen embryo - and additional material which will be useful for the older child.

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